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Opportunity Scorecards are now available in PeopleGlass, providing teams with more tools to help drive expansion, review deals, and protect existing customer revenue.

In order to utilize this feature, users must be assigned a Scorecard license in ClosePlan.

For more information about Scorecards, licensing, or ClosePlan, schedule a demo today!

How to Access Scorecards

Scorecards can be added by navigating to Managed Coloumns, searching for Scorecard, and then clicking on the plus icon. The column can be placed anywhere by dragging and dropping in the Manage columns menu or moving the column in a Sheet. Ensure you are selecting the Scorecard column with the logo.

Scorecard Interaction

Users can conveniently access and interact with scorecards directly from the row of an opportunity, gaining a comprehensive overview of the scorecard. Scorecards can be opened from either the three dots that appear when hovering over the number to the left of an opportunity or by double-clicking in the scorecard column.

Scorecard Editing

We are now allowing users to keep existing scorecards up-to-date without leaving PeopleGlass opportunity sheets. All scorecard field types, including Multiple-Choice, Yes/No, Text, Numerical, Rating, Date, and Dropdown selection, are supported.

Scorecards Notes

The notes feature in the scorecard view allows users to easily add information to specific sections of their scorecards, offering additional context and insights to scorecard questions. Updating Notes does not affect the Scorecard score. Notes are automatically synced to Salesforce. Hover over questions to see Scorecard notes.

Things to Consider

  • Ensure you have the latest ClosePlan package installed.

  • PeopleGlass currently only supports Opportunity Scorecards

PeopleGlass University

You can also visit the Scorecard module at PeopleGlass University for more information on Scorecards.


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