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PeopleGlass SSO Setup (Okta)
Updated over a week ago

The following article explains how to setup SSO using Okta. You can use an app integration's embed link to add an Okta-managed application to a portal or other external location. Here is the official documentation.

  1. In the Okta Admin Console, go to Applications.

  2. Select Browse App Catalog and search for Bookmark App.

  3. Click Add Integration.

  4. The application now has been added. Under the General Settings put PeopleGlass as the application label.

  5. For URL please use the following format:{your Salesforce custom domain}.my

    Your Salesforce custom domain is usually visible in URL of the Salesforce instance you are logging into.

  6. The Bookmark application is now created. In the Assignments section, choose Groups you would like to access the application.

  7. Lastly, update the tile logo to PeopleGlass for users to recognize their favorite application. PeopleGlass logo can be downloaded from here.

  8. The setup is complete, users can navigate to PeopleGlass through new tile.

    PeopleGlass logo for Okta Tile:

    The PeopleGlass logo can be downloaded from the following link: PeopleGlass Okta logo


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