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Troubleshooting Sheets
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Common issues with updating sheets:

Can I wrap the text in my fields?

Currently, there is no way for you to wrap text in your private columns. However, a workaround is to change the width of your columns.

Can I lock or freeze specific rows and columns in my sheet?

Currently, users can freeze up to the first five columns in their sheet. However, PeopleGlass does not support freezing specific rows yet.

To freeze a column or multiple columns, hover over the column header. You should see a 3 dots icon pop up with the tooltip "Open Details." Click on that icon and select "Freeze to [Column name]." Your sheet will then lock all columns up to that specific column on your sheet.


Can I mass delete records on PeopleGlass?

We currently do not have this functionality.

Why do I see different results on my records when I update a field?

Different record types can have different values associated with them. We inherit these permissions directly from Salesforce, which is why you may see different results when you try to update a field in PeopleGlass.

In our example below, we can see that for each record type, there are different results for the stage field. If you are not sure if your sheet has different record types, add the "Record Type" field to your sheet to check.


Why do I have a character limit for my field?

Currently, Salesforce has a hard limit of 255 characters for text fields. Textareas have a larger character limit. However, your Salesforce admin may have set a customized limit on some fields that are lower than the hard limits set by Salesforce.

Why can't I update one of the fields in my sheet?

There may be several reasons for this:

  • If you do not have editing permissions to a field, the top of your column will have a "lock" logo, meaning you cannot edit that column. Check with your Salesforce admin to confirm that you have editing permissions.

  • Currently, you cannot edit related objects that support multiple objects i.e. an opportunity-level record with multiple participants. You can only view them.

  • Sometimes, the field you want to edit is linked to another field with a similar name and auto-populating based on that field. If that is the case, try editing the other field and see if that works.

Why do my sheets view in PeopleGlass not match my Salesforce view?

When you create new sheets in PeopleGlass, the fields do not always match the view in Salesforce. PeopleGlass is designed to allow you to customize your sheets and create tailored views based on your needs.


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