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Refresh Connection and Re-Sync
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Changes made in your Salesforce instance at times may not be immediately reflected in PeopleGlass.

To ensure PeopleGlass is up-to-date with important changes made in your CRM, you may need to manually refresh the connection.

Not to worry! The process is quick, easy, and can be completed within PeopleGlass.

Refresh Connection

To start, click your profile icon in the top right of the web application ( and click Refresh Connection.

Note: this process is unavailable within the Chrome extension.


Next, click Start Refresh within the following dialogue box.


This process should take just a moment to complete.


A re-sync is a "hard refresh" that is most commonly used in the event PeopleGlass is experiencing issues related to your browser.

This shortcut will refresh PeopleGlass and your browser cache simultaneously. This can be performed on either the Chrome extension or web application.

To perform a re-sync, use the below button combination for your operating system:

Mac: Command + Shift + R

PC: CTRL + Shift + R


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