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Permissions Errors
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Common errors users encounter include:

What does the error "insufficient access rights on the owner ID" mean?

There may be several causes for this error. According to Salesforce, there are 6 documented examples of this error. Some scenarios you may encounter within PeopleGlass specifically and potential solutions include:

Issue: A sheet was shared with you with an insufficient error message appearing.

  • Potential Solution: Duplicate the sheet, allowing the fields you don't have access to to be removed.

Issue: You try to add a value (for ex. account, opportunity, or contact record) that you do not have access to onto a record.

  • Potential Solution: Confirm that you have access to the record in Salesforce either by asking your Salesforce admin or checking Salesforce directly.

Issue: Salesforce has different record types that may have different permissions and values, so sometimes when you try to add a user to a record, it will fail if that user does not have access to the specific record type.

  • Potential Solution: Add the "Record Type" field to your sheet and confirm that the user has access.


Why are my fields not pulling into PeopleGlass?

  1. Confirm that you have the Salesforce permissions to access these records/fields by either checking in Salesforce or reaching out to your admin.

  2. Check your Salesforce instance to confirm the names of the fields and where they are located. We currently do not support Salesforce reports so any fields that are on a report will not be supported inside PeopleGlass. We also only have limited support for pulling related objects into the same sheet. For example, you can pull in the Account Name into an Opportunity sheet, but cannot pull in fields from an Account object into an Opportunity sheet.

  3. Log out of your account and log back in. This will make sure you have the correct permissions synced to PeopleGlass.

Why can't I update one of the fields on my sheet?

There may be several reasons for this:

  • If you do not have editing permissions to a field, the top of your column will have a "lock" logo, meaning you cannot edit that column. Check with your Salesforce admin to confirm that you are supposed to have editing permissions.

  • Your permissions have been changed. Please do a hard refresh on the page (CMD + SHIFT + R for Macs and CTRL + SHIFT + R for Windows). If this does not work, please log out and do a hard refresh.

  • Currently, you cannot edit related objects that support multiple objects i.e. an opportunity-level record with multiple participants. You can only view them.

  • Sometimes, the field you want to edit is linked to another field with a similar name and auto-populating based on that field. If that is the case, try editing the other field and see if that works.


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