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Security and Privacy
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Common questions about how PeopleGlass handles security and privacy.

If my company uses a third-party authenticator, such as Okta, who sets the option to force users to use Okta if we install the Chrome extension?

We use Salesforce SSO for authentication, meaning we follow the Salesforce OAUTH protocol defined by each organization's Salesforce admin or IT team. If SSO via Okta is enforced on your Salesforce, then the Salesforce OAUTH process will also enforce it.

If you would like to prompt users to go through Okta after they install the Chrome extension, please reach out to your organization's Salesforce admin or IT department to implement Okta on the Salesforce side.


Does PeopleGlass bypass MFA or SSO?

PeopleGlass will abide by the MFA or SSO settings you have set up with your Salesforce instance. Salesforce handles all SSO requirements.

If your organization uses a third-party app such as Okta, you must type in your account's custom domain on the Salesforce login page. Then, it should redirect you to log in using the right app.


Okta or other Third-party Authenticators

If your company uses Okta or another third-party authenticator to log in to Salesforce, you will need to enter your company's custom domain instead of using your username and password.


If you are using Sandbox Replica, make sure to click the "Click Here" text in blue underneath "Continue with Salesforce.โ€ Note that sometimes your Sandbox account may look very similar to your production account.


Alternatively, you can log into your Salesforce account first and then go through the PeopleGlass login flow. Once you log in, Salesforce will save your credentials on their login page, so you will not need the custom domain name.


Note: If you are using Sandbox Replica, click the blue "Click Here" text next to "Logging in with a Sandbox Account?" Note that sometimes your Sandbox account may look very similar to your production account, particularly if they use the same email.

I got an error saying "this app is blocked by admin." What now?

Please reach out to your organization's IT admin and ask them what the security protocols are.

While they might not have blocked PeopleGlass specifically, our app might not have met their security standards, which is why it was blocked. We are happy to address any security concerns and provide additional documentation if needed.

If you are stuck on the loading page, check the URL to identify the error. If PeopleGlass has been blocked by your admin, it will indicate that in the URL.


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