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PeopleGlass <> Salesforce Permissions Overview
PeopleGlass <> Salesforce Permissions Overview
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Common questions about how PeopleGlass interacts with Salesforce permissions.

Can I use PeopleGlass if I do not have Salesforce?

Currently, PeopleGlass only works for Salesforce users with API access. If you do not have a Salesforce account with API access, you cannot use PeopleGlass.

How many of my API calls does PeopleGlass use?

PeopleGlass attempts to keep the number of API calls to an absolute minimum. Calls are only made when you are using the app to fetch the relevant data as necessary. We have not experienced an issue with users hitting their organizational API limits.

Does PeopleGlass inherit the permissions set in Salesforce, or does that need to be configured separately?

PeopleGlass inherits SFDC permissions. PeopleGlass reads information from the default page layout and cannot read from any custom page layouts.

We cannot override Salesforce permissions within PeopleGlass. For example, you cannot restrict access to certain records within PeopleGlass from users if they have access to them in Salesforce.

How does PeopleGlass interact with a user’s data?

We do not store copies of user data. All data lives on their Salesforce instance, not on our servers. We track their metadata (e.g., field names) for analytics and support.

For example, we store each user's field names for each sheet (e.g., Next Steps), but we don't store the corresponding data ("8/25 - Call with John...").

The only user updates we track are field-level changes, not data-level changes. For example, we track that a user has made an update to Next Steps on 8/15 at 8:30 am, but not what those changes are.

I got an error saying "this app is blocked by admin." What now?

Please reach out to your organization's IT admin and ask them what the security protocols are.

While they might not have blocked PeopleGlass specifically, our app might not have met their security standards, which is why it was blocked. We are happy to address any security concerns and provide additional documentation if needed.

If you are stuck on the loading page, check the URL to identify the error. If PeopleGlass has been blocked by your admin, it will indicate that in the URL.


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