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Mirror Account Fields to the Opportunity
Mirror Account Fields to the Opportunity
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If you're looking to use Account fields to filter your Opportunity PeopleGlass tables, this is how you'll do it! This article will show you how to mirror fields from your Account objects to your Opportunities.

Steps to Mirror Account Fields

1. Go to Setup > Object Manager > open Opportunity object > Fields & Relationships

2. Click New > for data type select Formula > next

3. Enter field label and name

4. For formula type select the field type of desired field on the Account object (for example if the field is text, select text) > Next

5. Click Insert Field > Opportunity > Account > and select the desired field and click Insert

This is what it will like when you execute those steps:

Picklist Data Type Steps

If the data field on the Account object is picklist value, then add TEXT function.

This function will return the text value that is selected in the picklist field.

Syntax: TEXT(<Picklist_field>)

For more information how to populate picklist data type field into formula field see this article:

1. Add Description if needed and click Next

2. In Field-Level Security select the profile field visibility and click Next

3. Select the page layout that should include this field on the Opportunity detail tab and click Save

You're good to go! If you have any questions reach out to us via our live chat in PeopleGlass!

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