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Sheets are where PeopleGlass users get their work done. Did you know that it's a powerful collaborative tool as well?

Commenting, in combination with sharing, is a way for users to collaborate with teammates asynchronously and work from a single source of truth to create robust spreadsheets and work with CRM data in real-time.

How it Works

Much like a Google Doc, commenting in PeopleGlass is designed to enable users to tag teammates, leave notes, ask questions, and put data in context.

Comments within a Sheet are created at the field-level, tied to a singular cell.


This comment will be visible anywhere this record appears within PeopleGlass. Anyone who has access to this record within your org will be able to see and reply to the comment.

Making a Comment

To leave a comment, right-click on any field on your Sheet. Within this dropdown menu, you'll see an option to add a comment.


Alternatively, you can click on any field and then select the Comment icon in the top-right of your Sheet.


Once you add a comment, it will be tied to the field, and anyone who has access to that field will be able to see your comment if it appears on their Sheet.

Mentioning Team Members

You can tag a teammate in a comment by typing in @ followed by their name, and selecting the desired user in the suggestions dropdown. Users' names are populated from Salesforce. It is not possible to tag non-Salesforce users.


Viewing Comments

Comments on a Sheet will be displayed as a blue bubble within the cell being commented on. This bubble will include a number that reflects how many comments are in the thread.

Clicking the cell allows you to view the comment thread and add additional comments or tag other team members.


Editing and Deleting Comments

To edit or delete a comment, click on the three vertical dots in the top-right of the comment modal. From there, select your choice and click "Save."


Marking a Comment as Resolved

If you are done with the comment thread and want to close it out, click the check icon in the top-right of the comment modal to mark the comment as resolved.



When a user is tagged in a comment, they'll receive an in-app notification. This is found in the top-right corner of PeopleGlass.


Upon clicking on the notifications icon, you can view all past comment notifications.

Furthermore, users will also receive an email update informing them of the comment just in case they aren't actively using PeopleGlass at the time.


Things to Consider

  • Comments only exist in PeopleGlass and will not appear in Salesforce.

  • Currently, users cannot comment on custom columns.

  • Anyone who has access to the record being commented on will be able to see the comment if it appears in their Sheet.


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