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Adding notes is a great way to record and keep track of important information or reminders. Best of all? You can create them quickly and easily right in PeopleGlass.

How it Works

To create a note, simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of PeopleGlass, and click Note.


From there, you'll be presented with a sidebar with two options: Required fields or All fields.

To create a note with the minimum required fields, you'll simply need to give your note a title, and select the object (Parent) to relate the note to.


The All fields tab provides an additional body field to leave a descriptive note. Notes can either be made public or private by using the toggle available.


Once a note is created it can be viewed in Salesforce by clicking the popup link that appears in the bottom-right corner after clicking Save.


Want to view all Notes you've created? Simply search for Note when creating a new Sheet.



Have any questions about Notes? Drop us a note via live chat in PeopleGlass!

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