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PeopleGlass makes interacting with your CRM data an absolute breeze. Once you've set filters on your dataset, leverage the power of columns to create a robust view in a matter of seconds.

Managing Columns

To curate a collection of columns for your Sheet all in one go, click the Manage Columns button found in the top-right corner of your Sheet.


This menu will display any and all available fields that can be added to a Sheet on the left side. A search bar is also available in the Manage columns menu in the event you know what you're looking for and would like to search for it directly.

Selected fields will be listed on the right side of the menu.


Arranging Columns

Column order can be changed by clicking and holding the column header and dragging the column into the desired position.


Freezing Columns

Have several columns on your Sheet and want to always have some in view? By right-clicking a column header, you can choose to freeze up to five columns at a time. Once a column is unfrozen, any other frozen columns will also unfreeze.


Custom Columns

Custom columns are custom fields you can create on your Sheets that will never sync back into your CRM.

Custom columns enable users to create private notes, track opportunity updates, create next step fields linked to specific Opportunities, and more.

To create a custom column:

1. Click the "+" button at the top right of your sheet.


2. From there, you'll be prompted to select between Salesforce and Custom. Click Custom and select the desired field type. Currently, we support 4 types of custom columns: Text, Number, Date, and Date and Time.

3. Add the name and then click "Add Column" to save.


Custom columns can be identified on a Sheet by the cloud icon with a slash through it within a column header.


When you create a custom column, the field acts like a custom Salesforce field.

That means the custom columns will be associated with the objects your Sheets are tied to, such as Accounts or Opportunities.

If you remove the custom columns from your Sheet or delete your Sheet, the data still exists within the associated objects.

For example, if you create a custom column when you make a new Opportunity sheet, you can find the custom column under the "Salesforce" option when you add a new column.

Sorting Columns

Columns can be sorted and unsorted by right-clicking on the three-dot menu in the desired column. Currently, columns can only be sorted in ascending order.


Things to Consider

  • Custom columns can be shared among other PeopleGlass users within your organization. If you share a Sheet with your custom columns with someone else in your organization, they will gain view and edit access. That means they can edit your custom columns and the changes will be reflected on your sheet.

  • You also cannot delete custom columns once they are created. You can remove them from your Sheet, but they still exist within the objects they are associated with.

  • Custom columns are only available within PeopleGlass. They are not stored in Salesforce.

  • You cannot leave comments on custom columns.


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