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Using Sheet Filters
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Filters on PeopleGlass Sheets are highly intuitive, responsive, and enable users to sift through huge amounts of CRM data within seconds.

How it Works

Filters are available from any Sheet via the Add Filters button, which is found next to the Sheet search box.


From the filters dialogue box, start by selecting the scope of the data you'd like to see. For example, you can set your Sheet to show only CRM object that you own, your team owns, or anyone in your organization owns.


From there, you'll have the ability to add as many filter as desired.


Add a filter by selecting the field you'd like to use, then the operator (is, is not, is more than, is less than, etc.), and finally, the filter value.

Filter Groups

Filter groups provide the ability to group filters by AND/OR logic.

To access filter groups, click the


button found in the top-right corner of the filters dialogue box, and click Enable filter groups.


Once enabled, you'll find the Add filter group option available once at least one filter has been added.


At the bottom of the filter pop-up box, a numerical value is displayed highlighting the number of records to be returned based on the filter criteria entered.

Filter Results

As you add and edit filters, the number of results your filter configuration will return will update in real time in the bottom-left corner of the filter dialogue box.



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