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Creating and Updating CRM Records
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PeopleGlass gives users the power to create and update CRM records within seconds. The best part? No Salesforce load times required.

Creating Records

Creating net-new records in PeopleGlass is an absolute breeze. To start, click any of the quick create icons for the desired record type. You can choose from Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Events, Leads, and Notes.


Once you choose the record type you'd like to create, you'll be given the option to either create the record with the minimum required information, or view all available record fields to add additional information.


Upon clicking Save, your record will be created instantly in CRM, and is viewable by clicking View in Salesforce.


Updating Records

To update a record, simply double-click on that datapoint's cell and enter the new value. Then, click outside of the cell or click Enter, which will confirm your change.


Record View

Record view allows users to update multiple fields on a single record. Hover over to the number of the row you would like to edit, a three-dot menu appears with the option to Edit Record. Once selected, a full-page pop-up will appear that allows you to update any field you need at once.


Bulk Editing

Bulk editing is the easiest way to update multiple records at the same time, saving even more time than previously possible with Salesforce alone.

To start, simply click on the checkbox on the left side of the records you wish to edit, or the top-most box left of the first column to select all records on the Sheet.

Doing so will open the Bulk edit menu on the right side. From the Bulk edit menu, select the field to update, and the new value to insert.


Once you click Update from this menu, your edits will be committed to CRM instantaneously. Please note, there is no undo button at this time. Please use with care!

Searching Records

Want to narrow down your Sheet's results to a specific keyword or record type? The search bar, which is available from any Sheet directly above your first column, is the best way to quickly drill down to what you're looking for.


Viewing Records in CRM

Quickly view a record in Salesforce by hovering over that row's left-most number until the CRM icon appears.


Upon clicking, you'll be brought directly to that record's Salesforce page, or brought to the login screen if you haven't yet authenticated.

Things to Consider

  • Salesforce has a hard limit of 255 characters for text fields. Text areas have a larger character limit. However, your Salesforce admin may have set a customized limit on some fields that are lower than the hard limits set by Salesforce.


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