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Sharing Sheets
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PeopleGlass enables its users to choose between working solo or collaborating in real-time on Sheets with teammates.

Getting Started

There are two options when sharing: collaborative mode, or sending a copy of your existing Sheet (no collaborative functionality).

To collaborate: Click on the blue Share button in the top-right corner of your sheet, copy the URL, and share it directly with anyone you'd like to grant access by clicking 'Copy link to clipboard'.

sharing sheet sc.jpeg

Once you click the link of a shared Sheet, you must choose between two options:


1. Add to Shared: When clicking Add to Shared, this will populate the sheet in a collaborative mode in the Shared with me section of the sidebar.

2. Duplicate the Sheet: If you opt duplicate the Sheet, this will populate the sheet in the My Content section of the sidebar and you will become the owner of the duplicated Sheet.

If you'd prefer to send a copy of a Sheet without collaboration, start by clicking the three vertical dots next to the Share button.


A pop-up will appear advising what functions will be available to the user who receives the Sheet.


Sharing All Sheets

To start, click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the application and click “Invite Users”. Select “Copy Link” from the Custom Setup section.

Users have two options, share all sheets or share individual sheets.


Things to Consider

What happens when my coworker has a different view than me?

First, confirm that both of you have the necessary Salesforce permissions to access these records/fields.

PeopleGlass inherits permissions as dictated by Salesforce, so if a user does not have access to certain records or fields in Salesforce, they will not be able to edit or view them in PeopleGlass.

For example, if you share an Account Sheet with a coworker who doesn't have permission to view Account-level records, their Sheet will appear blank.

If that does not work, log out and log back in. This will make sure you have the correct permissions synced to PeopleGlass.

Will my custom columns get shared?

If you share a Sheet that has custom columns, anyone who has access to your Sheet's URL will also be able to access and view your custom columns.

Where did my Sheet go?

If the original owner deletes the sheet or adds fields you may not have access to, you will lose access or receive a message 'insufficient access' message.


If you want to ensure access is not lost, be sure to duplicate the Sheet. If access to a Sheet is lost, the below error message will appear:

sharing sheet error sc.jpeg


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