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PeopleGlass Sheets enable users to display and interact with Salesforce data in a spreadsheet-like view with incredible ease.

Sheets are designed to be lightning quick and intuitive, which means anyone can get started creating powerful reports on their CRM data in no time!

You can start by either creating custom Sheets from Salesforce objects such as Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities, or pull in existing Salesforce Lists to use as templates.

Anatomy of a Sheet


1. Existing Sheets: Any Sheets that you've created and/or opened in the past will be listed here. From this list, you can delete and duplicate Sheets by right-clicking on a Sheet's title.

2. Create New Sheet: Build a Sheet from scratch or choose from a list of existing reports.

3. Sheet Information: This is where key information about the currently loaded Sheet will be listed, including Sheet name, owner, and created date.

4. Filters: Use filters to refine your data down to exactly what you're interested in. Filters can be created using standard and/or custom CRM fields.

5. Sorting: Use the sorting option to select by which columns, and in what order you'd like to display your data.

6. Column Details: Use this dropdown menu to hide or delete a column, and add/clear a sort, filter, or freeze.

7. Add Column: Choose from any available standard or custom CRM field to add to your Sheet.

8. Share: Share your Sheet with the world! Use the sharing button to copy a shareable link to your Sheet, or set your Sheet to private.

9. Manage Columns: Use the manage columns button to add or delete Sheet columns in one convenient view.

10. Duplicate/Delete Sheet: Use this menu to either delete or duplicate your Sheet.

Key Features

Viewing Records

PeopleGlass displays Salesforce records in a row format. Each row is a unique record in Salesforce. Salesforce fields are displayed in a column format. Each column is a unique field in Salesforce.


Inline Updates

Quickly make updates to data directly in PeopleGlass by double-clicking on a cell. Any changes made will get saved and automatically synced back to Salesforce.



Filters enable you to narrow down the scope of your data and create customized views based on what's important.

Within PeopleGlass, you can easily create Sheets of "My Opportunities", "My Team's Accounts", and more by first applying a filter to determine scope, and applying additional filters as needed.



Sort multiple columns at once by either clicking on the "Sort" icon at the top left of the sheet next to the "Filters" icon, clicking on the three dots at the column header, or simply clicking on the column name.


Search for Records

Search for specific records on a Sheet by typing in key words from any field on the sheet.


Adding/Removing Fields

Easily add and remove fields on a sheet based on what data is most important.

If you do not see the fields that you want, add them to your Sheet by clicking the "+" button at the far-right of your sheet. Alternatively, if there are fields you do not need, click on the 3 dots at the top of each column header to remove them.



Comments enable teams to work asynchronously and stay up-to-date on the latest changes to their pipelines. To add a comment, right click on any field and select "Comment." Users can also mention their team members by typing @name in the comment thread.


Custom Columns

Custom columns are PeopleGlass fields that are completely unique to Sheets you create, and do not sync back to Salesforce. You can create custom columns to record private notes, allocate team resources, set alerts for upcoming meetings, and much more.


Duplicate Sheets

Create an exact copy of an existing Sheet in one of two ways:

1. Click the three vertical dots at the top-right of a Sheet and selecting "Duplicate Sheet".


2. Right click the title of your Sheet from the left-most navigation menu.


Once a Sheet gets duplicated, it will open up a new Sheet titled, Copy of [Sheet Name].

Delete Sheets

Delete sheets that are no longer needed by right-clicking the title of the Sheet from the navigation menu and selecting Delete Sheet.


Once a sheet gets deleted, it will be permanently removed from your content section in the sidebar. Please note, if the deleted Sheet was shared with any collaborators, they'll lose access unless they've duplicated the Sheet prior to deletion.

Share Sheets

Sheets have two default modes: Organizational and Private.


Public sheets are accessible by anyone in the organization who has been granted access to the Sheet. Any changes made to the structure of the Sheet (i.e. sorting, filters, adding new columns) will be reflected across all instances of the Sheet.

Private Sheets are only accessible by the owner.

Bulk Edit

Bulk editing CRM records is easier than ever with PeopleGlass. To select which records you'd like to edit, click the top-most checkbox found to the left of your first column, or click individual records' checkboxes.

Once the desired records are selected, use the panel on the right-hand side to select the field and value to update.


Once done, this change will propagate into CRM in near-real time!

Creating Sheets with Custom Objects

To access a custom object, click the + sign next to My Content to add a new sheet. A drop-down menu with recommended objects will open; however, users can also search for custom objects by beginning to type the name of the custom object. Once found, click the object and choose which option fits best. For example, All Records, My Records or start from scratch.



How can I see Contacts from an Account Sheet view?

To view Contact related to Accounts from an Account Sheet, simply add a column, and search for the Contact object. Once added, related Contacts will be displayed in this column.

How do I enter multiple lines of text in one cell?

Press CMD + Enter (Mac) or CTRL + Enter (Windows) to go into the next line within the same text box.


This would only be supported for fields/columns that are in the "multi-line capable. The text box will expand when clicked twice. Please note, this functionality is only supported for Long Text Area field type in Salesforce.

Is it possible to mass delete records using PeopleGlass?

It's not currently possible to delete records from PeopleGlass. This must be done directly in CRM.

Things to Consider

  • Updates to Salesforce fields made in Sheets affects real data. At this time, there is no 'undo' functionality.

  • When commenting @ teammates in Sheets, please ensure the tagged teammate has access to your Sheet.


Need help? Drop us a line on Intercom within PeopleGlass.

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