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Build Pipelines and Drive Sales

Set the bar high for key deals and accelerate growth. Partner with sales executives from start to finish to ensure successful deals.

1. Track gaps and feature requests

Strategize what products or services to sell to potential customers based on their pain points. Log all customer requests or gaps in your existing product or service offering, and tie them back to specific accounts and opportunities.


2. Meeting categorization

Document all your meetings and categorize them in 6 simple steps:

  1. Open the side navigation bar on the left side of your page.

  2. Click the "+" button to create a new sheet.

  3. Search for "Event" on the dropdown.

  4. Choose one of our pre-built templates.

  5. Click on the filter icon on the top left of the sheet. Add a filter for "assigned to" and select "is" and the user's name as assignee. Note that in some cases "assigned to" is not the correct way to reference a user in their meetings. Sometimes this may be "attendee" or "participant," and in these cases, you may not be able to search for a user's name and instead need to use the "includes" modifier along with an email address, depending on how an SFDC user is appended to an event.

  6. Optional: Add a filter for "category" or any other field and select "is empty" to see meetings that are missing certain fields.


3. Keep track of actions needed across deals

Create custom sheets to track what features have been committed to which customers and the status of the features.



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