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Supercharge Your Productivity!

Take the pain out of data entry so you can focus on what really matters - closing deals ✨

1. Easily view your pipeline

Create fully customizable sheets based on your Salesforce usage. See all your data in one place. No more tabbing through dozens of Salesforce screens or opening up records one at a time.


2. Update records in seconds

Stop spending hours every week updating Salesforce. Make inline updates to your records with 1 click and have them automatically sync back to Salesforce.


3. Improve territory management

Prioritize your work! Apply advanced filters and multi-sorting to your sheets so you can focus on the data that's relevant to you.


4. Track all your private data

Stop using a myriad of apps to manage all your information. Create custom columns that do not sync back to Salesforce so you can track all your information in one place.



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