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PeopleGlass Overview
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PeopleGlass is a lightweight, spreadsheet-like application that enables its users to interact with CRM data in a fraction of the time it'd normally take directly in CRM.

With PeopleGlass, you'll be able to easily view and update CRM data, share Sheets, collaborate with colleagues, and much more!

Does PeopleGlass work on CRMs other than Salesforce?

Currently, PeopleGlass only works for Salesforce users with API access. If you do not have API access, please check with your Salesforce Admin or IT team for support.

How is PeopleGlass useful?

Once you access PeopleGlass via the web application or Chrome extension, here are a few ideas on the kinds of things you can do:

Pipeline Hygiene

Easily create and update accounts, contacts, events, leads, opportunities, notes, and more. Make updates in bulk, automatically syncing to Salesforce. Saving you hours of manual data entry that can instead be spent actually selling.


Custom Sheets

Sort and filter your sheets however you'd like to get a customized view of your records. Revenue leaders stay up to date on every account and opportunity, giving them full visibility into what’s happening in the field.



Make comments on records to reference at a later point or tag your teammates (@name) for async collaboration.


Share With Coworkers!

Share your sheets with coworkers or invite them to PeopleGlass! Experience visibility and collaboration like never before with easy commenting and sharing. It’s like Google Sheets for Salesforce.


Who Uses PeopleGlass?

Account Executives who want to save time and focus on driving revenue.

BDRs & SDRs who want to prospect and qualify leads quickly and efficiently.

Customer Success who want to easily manage and view customer records in one place.

Customer Support looking for an easy way to streamline customer data.

Marketing Team seeking to collaborate closely with sales teams to drive strategic business opportunities.

Sales Engineers who work closely with sales executives to close deals.


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